Who is Ryan Conley?

One of my earliest memories as a child is that of my grandparents, mom, and family, sitting around my grandparent’s kitchen table, all discussing something. As a young 6-7 year old boy I had no idea what it involved but I knew it was serious. I came to find out that due to some very bad financial advice, my grandparents, who had recently come into some money not only lost the money but lost their farm as well. They spent the last years of their lives in a Medicaid bed in a rundown facility.

I don’t want to sit here and say this is the moment that I decided to dedicate my life to helping people like my grandparents as that would be cheesy and a flat out lie, but it left a memory in my brain that is here almost 40 years later.

Long before I decided to become an advisor, I ventured into a lot of different “careers” if you will.  I spent time in retail management, construction, data protection, and as a butcher! Yes, I worked with one of my uncles at a small family-owned meat processing plant where my job was to work on the kill floor…yes you read that correctly….as well as the processing floor.  To be honest, it was a really good job and I learned a lot of skills that I still use to this day. However, I kept feeling drawn to something else, although I could never quite figure it out.

Eventually, my life took me to live in Alaska shortly after getting married and it was there that all of the roads in my life merged into one!  I started learning the ropes on the financial world while I was there, with the help of some great mentors, all while living in an area that absolutely fed my passions!

I used to tell myself that I did not have any intention of having a job where I wore a tie.  I never saw it myself, perhaps because what I DID see in myself is working outdoors.  I absolutely LOVE the outdoors and have since I was a little boy.  Hunting and fishing are 2 of my favorite activities but you have to also include camping, hiking, bicycle, AND motorcycle riding, scuba diving, skiing, kayaking, pretty much any outdoor activity except golf…..yes there IS a financial advisor that does not enjoy golf!

As you can imagine, Alaska was my mecca for outdoor activities which I was combining with my other new love, financial advising! It was a match made in Heaven!

However life does not stand still and in April of 2008, I was blessed with the first of 2 amazing little girls, thus becoming a father for the first time.  All of our family lived back in Missouri, where I was from so instead of getting weekly threatening calls from the new grandparent wanting to know when we were coming back with the new one, it was rightfully decided to leave Alaska and move back to Missouri….in November of 2008. Yes, my timing was about as horrible as you can imagine leaving Alaska in the absolute middle of the Great Recession, but timing is beyond my control.

In the next 10 years or so I have continued to craft my skills as a financial advisor.  I obtained my Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP®) in 2017 while unfortunately going through a divorce at the same time.  2018 saw me make a move to RFG Advisory, a small but growing hybrid RIA firm that is committed to being a service company first and a technology company second, and I have not regretted this move at all!  I love it here and the culture with this affiliation encourages advisors like me to embrace our passions so that is why I am here now.

I am able to not only combine my passion for helping people plan for retirement as a CFP, but I can help people embrace their own passions NOW while still planning for retirement AND if your passions happen to be similar to mine, then we could be a perfect fit!

As my client, you will receive not only a proper financial plan – that is obvious – but with my involvement in collaborative partnerships with CPA’s, Trust Officers and Attorney’s across the entire country, there is really no issue that I can’t provide assistance with.

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