Why choose any advisor is be a better question? Technology has come so far in the last decades that paying for things like long-distance calls, video rentals, and compact discs seem ridiculous these days.  The same can be said about investment advice too.  "Robo advisor" can manage risks for clients effectively and inexpensively while target-date funds automatically adjust the risk in investment accounts. If that is all you are looking for, then you are in luck as there has never been more information for you to access and make a decision!

On the other hand, there has never been more information for you to access and make a decision, so how do you know you are making the right one? Working with myself and In Season Financial Group we focus on the IMPORTANT things in your life and manage the NECESSARY aspects of your life in a world-class manner.


Most people spend more time planning their next vacation then they do working with a Finacial Planner on their retirement. Is it that Finacial Planning is complex and hard to understand? Is there confusion in what you should do and when to do it? Does the idea of financial planning feel like eating an elephant? 

The purpose of financial planning is to help people gain control. Period. You can spend vast amounts of time researching, reading, and trying to comprehend the vast array of information, and misinformation, "out there" on investments, insurance, taxes, retirement, real estate, and much more. Financial planning delivers objective advice, based on your goals, and helps you navigate the seemingly intentionally confusing financial world. Even if you have a good grasp of financial products, services, and markets we bring a dispassionate approach to your finances. This can lead to better decision making than one may make on their own.

At In Season Finacial Group, we are your partner and guide. We assist you in creating your own unique plan. Then, using our 3 Shot Solution process, ensure your plan commences, and verify you are meeting all the goals you have set for your life. If you stray off target, the 3SS brings being you back on center. If your life changes, the same 3SS tells us how to adjust so you are back on target. Having a valued guide by your side, you will be better able to make decisions for your finances and your future. 

The thought of doing this entirely alone is pretty daunting, so I am thrilled to continue affiliating with RFG Advisory! When I think of what financial planning in the 21st century involves, I can't imagine a better firm to assist me in guiding my clients through the coming decades! RFG's level of service and dedication to technology FIRMLY positions me in the best place for my clients; and the culture here is pretty sweet too!

By affiliating with RFG Advisory, my clients have direct access to the expertise of Rick Wedell, our firm's Chief Investment Officer. Rick earned a Harvard degree, a Stanford MBA & Ford Scholar award, in addition to years of experience managing funds for Bain Capital. He oversees and navigates Steadfast, the name of our investment platform, and uses his wealth of knowledge to help my clients increase their own wealth of pocketbook! I mentioned direct access above; Rick will happily speak to you directly about investment choices should you want to speak to an institutional level money manager!



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