What has COVID taught me?

  1. Well without being snarky or trying to create a meme, is that teachers are WAY underpaid!  I am not saying this as only the proud son of a lifelong teacher but also as the father of 2 young daughters in elementary school. I, like pretty much all of this country, took on the mantle of not just provider, parent, chauffeur, coach, cook, housekeeper, first aid provider, etc but also a teacher. I am not sure who was more excited for summer to start this year!  I am definitely one that believes education starts at home, but to have their official education thrust upon us parents, even with the assistance of their teachers from afar, opened my eyes to just how much those wonderful teachers do on a daily basis….and I only had 2 kids to teach at a time….oh and I happen to really LOVE those 2 kids!! I can’t imagine having a room full of kids, daily, trying to keep them focused and not being able to bribe them with extra online time or candy!  No, teachers are not paid enough….even with the “3 months off” nasty rumor that has circulated for decades.                                                                                                                                                                                  
  2. COVID didn’t actually teach me that the best-laid plans are subject to unexpected events, but it did remind me! I remember thinking how great 2020 was going to be and how far we had come since 2010. I was expecting a pullback of sorts, the kind that happen every year, but was I expecting what we have seen in the first 5 months?  No, I wasn’t and neither was anyone else out there on Jan 1, 2020.  We have seen the markets have the worst month AND the best month in their history and it is only June 11th as I sit here and write this!  2020 is an election year, and while it seems every 4 years we have the “election to end all elections”, there really is something different about this one, at least from point of view.  This is not a political commentary, but I would like to think that in a country of 300,000,000+ we could have a couple of better candidates than we have now?  God help us! There is a tension in this country that can be almost cut with a knife.  Information is all over the place too.  You almost can’t escape it….Cable news, Network news, award shows, Facebook, YouTube, and just the good old internet!  What can you believe? Who can you believe?  Are your own biases getting in the way and clouding your judgment? I mean cats and dogs are living together and family is “unfriending” family at a startling rate!  Was “unfriending” even a thing in 2010??                                                                    
  3. Well COVID has also taught me that very best place to not only survive but THRIVE in the current state of the union….be it the nonstop COVID discussions, the most recent events welling up across the country in regards to race relations, the 2020 election coverage which is only going to get more toxic, the sorrow of losing so many beloved people from Kobe and Gianna Bryant to our own family taken unexpectedly, even to becoming zombies to our own technology through unfettered access to Facebook and all of the other mind-numbing outlets that have become commonplace in 2020….is the GREAT OUTDOORS!  If you choose, you can keep all of your electronic devices at home, you can function without any “bars” (both electronic and the beverage kind), see nature it all of its glory and, if lucky enough, get away from all of the lights at night and see the galaxy in ways so hard to do in the concrete jungle! 

It is not because of COVID that I am introducing you to In Season Financial Group, for Outdoor Enthusiasts, but I do believe COVID has helped to open many individuals eyes to what is NECESSARY and what is IMPORTANT….and there is a HUGE difference!  Here at ISFG we strive to work with individuals who have a shared passion for hunting, fishing, boating, bicycle and motorcycle riding, camping, hiking, pursuing outdoor adventures and travel, basically everything but golf.  I really don’t enjoy golf LOL!  We want to help you get MORE of this in your life, not less.  We do this by utilizing our 3 shot solution to dial in your plan so is on target with your goals and we work together to keep your plan in scope.  I am able to do this with the partnership of RFG Advisory, a firm I am proud to affiliate with and that brings all of the necessary technology to task so that you can put aside all of the noise, stop making all of the decisions by yourself, and in essence, guide you to and through all of your financial WANTS as well as your needs.

My mission is to make ISFG a different and unique experience for my clients and to work with others that I have a shared passion.  If you end up making a living while actually living your passion, then not a day will you ever work!  I love the outdoors and I love to help people really plan and see those plans come together.  Please contact us to see how ISFG and the 3 shot solution can bring order back to your life through creating financial peace while achieving lifestyle dreams!

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