It’s the little things…

  1. There is nothing quite like the joy in seeing a young child catch a fish….even a small fish!  I took my 12-year-old, Ayden,  fishing the other night at a local lake.  This lake gets a lot of pressure so I wasn’t expecting a lot of success, however, the location is incredibly convenient and the bank is well manicured…so the perfect place to take a kid on a work night and only have minimal concern for ticks.  As expected, the fishing was not good at all.  We used worms.  We used minnows.  We used lures.  We used almost everything we could save electric shock.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Only until Ayden started to fish in the extreme shallows…literally only a foot deep, did she start catching fish.  Now I, in all of my adult experience and wisdom, didn’t consider this really fishing.  In fact, the fish she caught was the perfect size for bait! What I had forgotten about though, and what she reminded me, was that to a kid the size of the fish doesn’t matter. She had a BLAST! She baited her own hook and was able to take the fish off most of the hooks! She enjoyed it thoroughly and I, in turn, got to see her have such a great time experiencing one of my own greatest memories.  Oh, and I also got to hear the I caught 0 fish and she caught 11 all the way home too, so there is that as well.
  2. Don’t be afraid to change things up either!  Later this week I am trading in touring motorcycle, a Yamaha V Star 1300 for a Kawasaki KLR650 and I can’t be more excited to lose exactly half of my CC’s!  The KLR650 is a doer of many but a master of none, and what makes this bike so awesome, aside from its reliability and ease of maintenance, is that I can take this bike off-road, I can take it on road, I can take it through stream or I can take it over the hill!  I’ll be able to ride this bike in ways I can’t ride my touring bike and, most importantly, experience outdoor pursuits in ways I have not been able to before!  I didn’t plan on this when I bought the Yamaha, but I am also not afraid to change things up or try something new and different!
  3. Oh, this market! I have been listening to more economists and portfolio managers these last 4 months, (You are welcome BTW!) than I have in all of the last couple of years combined and here is what I have learned in the process………………………That’s about it.  Not much.  I know that may sound surprising given that there has been so much that has been said but in the end, it seems as though most of what has been said was said just to be said.  I have heard everything from this is the “worst____since the____” to “things will never come back” all the way to suggestions of a New World Order being orchestrated by the incredibly rich if you can believe that.  The thing is, because of information and technology it is so very easy to find sources that fit your personal narrative and therefore feed into your own confirmation bias.  If your bias is the correct one, then great! Things will probably go your way based on how you set yourself up using those biases.  However, What If You’re Wrong?  Probably the 4 most important words in all financial planning. What If You’re Wrong?  In the end, remember that all of broadcast media is essentially there to sell advertising and they do this with shock and awe.  If you want to have a plan run with shock and awe, then you are living in the best time ever! However, if shock and awe is not on your list of techniques to craft your lifelong strategy, then consult with us at In Season Financial Group and see how our 3 shot solution is utilized to minimize the shock and awe factor and replace it with calm and collected!

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