Preparing your future for tomorrow while living your passions today!

Who We Are

We are just like you. We love to be outdoors -  hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, canoeing, riding motorcycles... almost anything but golf.

What do you enjoy doing? Would you like to know how to have enough funding to focus on your passions now as well as have enough to continue with them in your future?  Let us worry about your financial picture and you can focus on the important things in life.

Pete starting day 2-2

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately..."

– Henry David Thoreau

What We do

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Wealth Management Provisioning

Also known as asset management.  Together we focus on ensuring your level of growth and income potential is appropriate for you to achieve your goals.

Retirement Preparing

This is where we analyze all the necessary components of your current state of affairs and based on this, determine what other action items are needed to reach your objectives.

Business Orienteering

Business owners have multiple issues to consider, including but not limited to retirement, insurance, succession, etc.  We work to address all of these issues, and when needed bring in other experts to provide targeted solutions.

Building Wealth

“I believe we need to live for today but plan for tomorrow. We have all been blessed with life, so let’s make sure to actually live it!”